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Get to know Thomis

Thomis – who is behind?

Thomis – two people in their prime. He is from the south, she is born in the north-west of Switzerland. They got to know each other in the watch metropolis. After a few years of traveling around the world, they returned to the place where it all begun. Here is their home and it is here where they enjoy now a happy retirment.

They are together for more than four decades – and sometimes they wonder where all these years have gone. To then find out that there are quite a few things who have hardly changed over the years – more of that later.

He is a technophile, loyal and calm husband and friend who likes to tinker and who has solution at hand for almost all technical problems.

She is a communicative, dutiful and humorous wife and friend who likes to text and who finds the right words for almost everthing. 

.. and with a wink it would be worth mentioning in the closer environment:

It – the cheeky house ghost and of course Socrates IIb, a loyal four-wheeled companion since 1983.


And here we are – the two people in their prime in a photo, also in their prime back then – and still happy crusing through life:

Alfredo und Eva Thomi, depending on the environment also called Fredi or Milo, respectively Evi or Tschikai.

At this point – and because it goes so well with this old photograph – a shared and both humorous and profound insight after more than 35 years of marriage:

“We know what we can expect from each other and we also know what we cannot expect from each other.”

We were inspired by the unbelievabley large amount of statements about what makes a happy marriage: We have rewritten/changed two texts a bit (unfortunately, the original source is unknown in both cases) and are now claiming them in this form for us:

I love the man who stays up just to see me sleep. Who kisses my forehead. It is not important to him that my figure has actually only changed in one direction over the years. I love the man who keeps taking my hand and hugging me in public. Who is honest with me because he doesn’t need to lie to me.  Who picks me a flower at the side of the path instead of giving me an expensive bouquet. And who keeps telling me how much I mean to him and how lucky he is to have me.

After more than 35 years, I am still happy when she comes home from a meeting or when she’s been out with friends. 35 years later we can still laugh together heartily together. We live our lives together, through all the ups and downs. That’s us: together an unbeatable team. I love her unconditionally – she is the love of my life. 

Do we know each other?

We have almost always a free bed for a few nights for our friends and acquaintances.

Therefore: Contact us if you are in our region and need an overnight stay. You are mostly welcome!