Family tree

Insights into our roots

This family tree is the preliminary result of extensive research, in which some of our relatives have participated. In painstaking detail work, they searched for dates and names and sent them to us. Not only “direct” relatives could be recorded, but also people who are connected to us in some way, for example Lörcher, Heuer, Beffa, Rosenthaler, Balsiger, Aeschlimann, Meier etc. Many thanks to all of you for this valuable help!

Please write to us ( if you have any additions or discover any errors.

Please use this FORM, to enter your additions. Unfortunately the form is only in German, let us know if you need a translation. Many thanks for your help!

For reasons of data protection, only the names of living people are shown in the family tree. The data will never be passed on by us.
IMPORTANT: Please let us know ( if you do not want your name to appear.

And here’s something to smile about:

Three completely snobbish aristocrats are talking.
Our family tree goes back to the 15th century!
Bah! says the second blue-blooded one, it’s nothing at all. We are descended from Julius Caesar!
The third smiles sympathetically: Sorry, I can’t say anything about that. Our chronicle was lost in the Flood!

Conclusion: nobility obliges, but we’re not that far yet!